Frequently Added Questions

To create a hosting account you need to Login / Signup into your Webzu Clientarea and Click on Accounts then click Create Account and then Choose a Subdomain / Domain then enter your Preferred Password and Finish!
You have to wait for 3 - 5 your account to be fully active

To host a domain with Webzu, You need to Login into your Domain Registrar Panel then change your domains' nameservers to then wait for a short time.
It may take up to 72 hours for your domain to propagate. Please create a support ticket if you can't add you domain to the system yet you have changed you nameservers for more than 72 hours

So you got your completely free hosting account with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
Great! So now you’re wondering, what can you do with your new hosting account?
You now have a website hosting account with PHP and MySQL, so now you can create your website!
What kind of website you may ask? The options are too many to list! You can create a blog, forum, online store, portfolio site, landing page, personal home page or almost any other type of website you can think of.
And (this is a frequently asked question), you are allowed to place your own advertisements on your website.

In order to protect you, your website, our systems, other users and ourselves, there are some restrictions on what you can do with your free hosting account.
Host things which are not websites; Please note that Webzu provides a website hosting service. That means that the content on your hosting account should be designed to produce websites which are accessed through browsers. Here are some examples (not an exhaustive list) of things which you’re not allowed to host:
Data hosting, database hosting, API hosting; There are special database hosting services for mobile/desktop apps and games which work much better than website hosting for this. File storage, backup and sharing; Our servers are optimized for website files, not storing and sharing large files. File hosting services like Dropbox, Mega, Backblaze or Amazon S3 are much better suited for this.
Proxy Sites,
Sites with forged HTTP headers

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